Auction 163D

Modern Art

29. June 2022 at 6:00 PM CEST

In this year's summer auction of Modern and Contemporary Art, you can expect, among other things, groundbreaking photographs of architecture and fashion, Dieter Roth's complete collection 'Scheisse' (estimate EUR 9.000 - 12.000), two porcelain plates by Lucio Fontana (estimate from EUR 5.000 each) and numerous multiples.

At the beginning of the more than 180 lots stand some historical advertising posters designed by Ludwig Hohlwein or Carl Moos, among others. The posters were created between the turn of the last century and the 1920s and advertise exhibitions or clothing stores and districts in Munich. Carl Moos' color lithograph for the fashion store 'C. WAGNER & Co - Munich' is estimated at EUR 1.500 - 2.500, Ludwig Hohlwein's color poster 'Villenkolonie Nymphenburg' has an estimated price of EUR 900 - 1.500.

We are pleased to offer you, on June 29, 2022, among other things, four exciting works by the artist Herbert Zangs, who had occupied himself from the 1950s on with relief paintings, and also with the so-called Verweißungen, Faltungen and Knüpfungen. The 'Schnittfaltung' from 1976 consists of wrapping paper, which was fixed on the canvas with acrylic paint and shines in bright white; the work is valued at EUR 6.000 - 10.000.

Another highlight will be the 'Mokkatasse Rosenthal' by Jürgen Leudolph, estimated at EUR 7.500 - 8.500. Philipp Rosenthal became aware of the artist through a broken cup, which was reassembled by electroforming. The contact Rosenthal sought led to this work of art offered here, consisting of a tilting Rosenthal demitasse on its saucer. The solidified resin that holds the two pieces of china together was electrolytically coated with silver and gold, creating an imposing one-of-a-kind piece that stands out as an unusual and delightful eye-catcher.

Equally unusual, but in a completely different way, appears Christian Astuguevieille's sculpture 'CHIMERE'. The object (estimated price EUR 2,500 - 4,000) is made of stuffed animals and, as the name suggests, appears as a utopian hybrid creature. You can also look forward to multiples and prints from the field of Pop Art by artists such as Banksy, Andy Warhol or Yayoi Kusama.

In this year's summer auction on June 29, 2022, we again achieved numerous pleasing results.

In the field of Pop Art, the color silkscreen 'Moonwalk (Yellow & Pink)' and the portfolio 'Marilyn Monroe' after Andy Warhol were sold for EUR 3,600 and EUR 2,800 respectively. The Subway sign attributed to Keith Haring also changed hands for EUR 2,500. The LP 'The Velvet Underground & Nico. Produced by Andy Warhol' was auctioned at EUR 1,400 thanks to your participation and interest. Julius Shulman's photograph of Pierre Koenig's 'Case Study House #22' reached EUR 3,500, more than double the upper estimate. Shulman's second photograph on offer, of Richard Neutra's 'Kaufman House' also exceeded its estimate. Andy Warhol's silver gelatin print 'Colt Type Cowboy Revolver Gun' brought in EUR 1,400. Also in demand were various ceramic objects: Lucio Fontana's model for 'Concetto spaziale - rondo' sold for EUR 6,500. The two sets of the 'Spirit of Art-Edition' produced by Villeroy & Boch after Keith Haring's motifs surpassed their estimated prices and received EUR 750 and EUR 900, respectively. The hand-tailored 'Formula One Dress' made of original Formula One fabric was also immensely popular, obtaining the highest hammer price at EUR 3,000.

Unsold items are available for purchase in the post-sale until July 29, 2022.