Auction 169E

Modern Art

29. June 2023 at 4:30 PM CEST

On June 29, 2023, our auction 169E of Modern and Contemporary Art will take place.

Absolute highlights are the two works by German painter Matthias Weischer with estimates of EUR 40,000 - 60,000 and EUR 50,000 - 70,000, dated 2004 and 2005, respectively and thus created at the time Weischer was selected as a protégé by David Hockney as part of the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative and participated in the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005. Weischer composes spatial illusions that are charged with content and atmosphere using objects from everyday culture. At the same time, he celebrates the medium of painting with an impasto application of color, which in both oil paintings sometimes spreads beyond the edges of the canvas.

In keeping with the "Picasso Year" of 2023, we have two etchings by the Spanish artist in our offer. This year marks the 50th anniversary of his passing. Picasso is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and has significantly influenced modern art with his works. His extensive oeuvre encompasses numerous styles, including Cubism, Surrealism and Expressionism. He was active not only as a painter, but also as a ceramist, sculptor and graphic artist. The two sheets in our auction are from Series 347 and are estimated at EUR 5,000 - 6,000 and EUR 5,500 - 6,500. Picasso's diversity and innovative spirit influenced and inspired numerous artists, including the Polish painter Jankel Adler, who is represented in our auction with a painting of a 'sculptural Figure with blue sky' (estimate EUR 8.000 - 10.000). Adler became an important figure in the Expressionist art scene after moving to Germany in the 1920s and participating in associations such as the Novembergruppe or the Junge Rheinland itself. His works are characterized by bold colors, geometric shapes, and strong expressiveness.

The Greek artist Alekos Fassianos is in our auction with two objects, the oil painting 'The Smoking Bicyclist', which was created around 1985, shows a figure in profile in bright blue with red accents. The work, with an estimate of EUR 8,000 - 12,000, will be included in the catalog, like the drawing, by the artist's estate administration, which is currently working on a catalog raisonné. Also in profile facing left is Salvador Dalí's sculpture 'Mannequin zootropique', 1971 (cast circa 2000). The painted bronze with figurative decoration on steel bands from an edition of 150 copies is valued at EUR 7.000 - 8.000.

Also look forward to a drawing by Arnulf Rainer with an estimate of EUR 20.000 - 25.000, which was created in the late 1950s and counts among his overpaintings.

We are also pleased to present a whimsical private collection: a total of 63 Be@rbricks in sizes ranging from seven to seventy centimeters will go under the hammer at Quittenbaum at the end of June. The Art Toys, manufactured since 1996 by Medicom Toy Incorporated, are not only produced in high quality, they are also limited in number of pieces and therefore popular collectibles. The collection contains a wide variety of Be@rbricks for every taste from collaborations with designers and artists or themes such as horror, science fiction or heroes (estimated prices from EUR 100 to EUR 2,500). Also animal original is the life-size sculpture 'Classic Gorilla' by Eric Mellerio, produced by MiO International. With its mouth wide open and leaning on its clenched fists, the actual jungle dweller presents its fangs and could now also find a special place in your home (estimated price EUR 1,000 - 1,500).

We look forward to your active participation in our auction!

In the summer auction of Modern and Contemporary Art we were able to achieve strong results.

The 'Smoking Cyclist' by Alekos Fassianos was sold for twice its lower estimate (EUR 16,000). We also successfully sold his work on paper for EUR 3,200. Arnulf Rainer's overpainting from the late 1950s received a hammer price of EUR 22,000. Pablo Picasso's etching 'Raphaël et la Fornarina XVI: le Pape est toujours sur son pot songeur' from an edition of 50 copies was knocked down for EUR 6,500 and thus the new owner can enjoy the work in the event of the 50th anniversary of this important artist’s passing. The Swiss artist Alois Carigiet was the subject of an exciting bidding war, which ultimately ended with a hammer price of EUR 5,000. Pierre Ambrogiani's colorful painting was also coveted by many bidders, and the buyer can now call it his own for EUR 2,800.