Auction 160C

Modern Art

09. December 2021 at 3:00 PM MEZ CET

In our Winter Auction of Modern and Contemporary Art on December 9, 2021 we again received strong auction results.

The 'Hibou Mat'/'Hibou Brilliant‘ ceramic plate stood out in particular, with a result of EUR 17,000, almost doubling its upper estimate. The impressive photograph 'Juicio Final' by Pablo Genovés was sold at EUR 11,000, while Mark Tobey's abstract composition changed hands for EUR 11,500. Andy Warhol's 'The Souper Dress' and his six 'Brillo soap pads with rust resister' also exceeded the upper estimate, selling for EUR 3,000 and EUR 2,600 respectively. All three works of art by Salvador Dalí were sold, the 'Croix de Leibnitz' in pâte de cristal technique for EUR 2,500, the etching 'Ritterkampf' for EUR 900 and the complete series 'Faust. La Nuit de Walpurgis’ at EUR 5,500. Keith Haring's 'Montreux Jazz Festival' color posters were also very popular, with buyers outbidding each other for up to EUR 1,600.