Auction 156B

Art Nouveau - Art Deco

08. June 2021 at 4:00 PM MEZ CET


Tuesday continued just as successfully with international glass. Here, too, a little over half of the lots on offer could be sold. This time the Daum Frères were able to defy their eternal competitor Emile Gallé and excelled with 69 knockdowns from 93 lots. The highest bids went to a rare 'Blé' vase from 1898 for EUR 6,500 (lot 103) and a beautiful handle vase with mushrooms from 1907, which climbed from EUR 4,000 to EUR 6,000 (lot 131). A small 'Muguet' vase from 1893 also caused a great surprise, increasing from an inexpensive EUR 300 to EUR 1,100 (lot 93). This time, however, the focus lay on the works of other glass manufacturers and artists. The rare fruits by Charles Schneider ('Tomato', lot 274, EUR 2,100), an extraordinary Intercalaire vase 'La Danse' by Muller Frères, which deservedly won a hammer price of EUR 4,600 (lot 257, SP 2,400 - 2,800) and a 'Masque Femme' bowl in pâte-de-verre by François Décorchemont (lot 179) which confirmed its estimated price at EUR 7,000. A lavishly designed early Intercalaire vase 'Papillon' by Eugène Kremer for Burgun, Schverer & Co. reached its upper estimate with a hammer price of EUR 12,000 (lot 84). However, the top lot of the afternoon was Gabriel Argy-Rousseau's table light 'Fruits Tropicaux'. The perfectly preserved table light made of translucent pâte-de-verre with stylised plants was knocked down for EUR 30,000.