The Frenchman is one of the most important artists who made a name for themselves at the beginning of the 20th century with objects made of Pâte de Verre, a special glass paste that is costly to produce. Even as a schoolboy, Gabriel Argy-Rousseau had a wide range of interests. After attending the Ecole Breguet, he graduated from the prestigious Ecole National de Céramique de Sèvres, which was equivalent to the title of engineer. During his years of study, he became acquainted not only with the artistic and technical fundamentals, but also with the people who were crucial to his professional career: Platon Argyriadès, the brother of his future wife, and Henri Cros and his son Jean, who were pioneers and leaders in the rediscovery and production of pâte de verre.

Initially, however, he worked and did research for a dental porcelain and ceramics company before deciding to open a workshop for pâte de verre objects in 1914. A year earlier, he had married Marianne Argyriadès, who came from a very cultured Greek family. In recognition of her intellectual influence, he added the first four letters of her surname to his family name, Rousseau, and henceforth called himself Gabriel Argy-Rousseau.

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Objects by Gabriel Argy-Rousseau