Henri Bergé was born in October 1870 in the French village of Diarville, south of Nancy. After attending the École des Beaux-Arts in Nancy, he worked as a decorator for the Daum Frères company from 1895 onwards and had a style-defining effect on the appearance of glass objects until the 1930s. He designed floral decorations and vases with landscape depictions. He also supplied designs to the Almaric Walter manufactory for objects in Pate de Verre, and his ceramics were made by the Frères Mougin manufactory. In addition, Bergé made an encyclopaedic collection of patterns, mainly of floral motifs, which was used as a basis for his designs and also for training. This extensive collection included botanical drawings after plants from the botanical garden near the Daum manufactory as well as animals, reptiles, shells and landscapes. Henri Bergé was committed to the Ecole de Nancy - from 1901 as a member of the board, and he also taught courses in materials science and decorative composition at the Daum Frères manufactory. In addition to his designs for glass decorations, he worked as an illustrator and created numerous menus and advertising posters.

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Objects by Henri Bergé