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Serge Mouille
Wall light 'Applique coudée', 1954

Serge Mouille Steph Simon, Paris (zugeschrieben)

L. 182 cm. Made by Steph Simon, Paris (attributed). Tubular metal, tubular brass, sheet aluminium, varnished black and white.

There are good reasons for Serge Mouille's designs to be considered icons of luminaire design. His works captivate with their simple elegance and subtle colorfulness. The trained silversmith has refined his work aesthetically to such an extent that the majority of his designs follow an distinctive lighting concept. The characteristic lampshades are crafted with extreme simplicity, yet possess an organic vibrancy with highly artistic standards. The shades rest on delicate metal rods, which adds a floating lightness to the lamps. The range of designs and the possibilities for the arrangement of the light sources are almost limitless. Due to the aesthetic unity of Serge Mouille's œuvres, they can be arranged both as individual pieces and as part of an overall interior concept.

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160A - Schools of Design
07. December 2021 at 3:00 PM


Pralus, Serge Mouille, Saint Cyr au Mont d'Or 2006, p. 171.