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'Quattro spirali' multiple, 1958/68

H. 30 x 39 x 39 cm. Made by Danese, Milan. Sheet aluminum. hand-cut. Marked: Maker's badge, 9/50.

Number 9 from a limited edition of 50.

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140A - Danese
09. October 2018 at 3:00 PM CEST


Danese Milano 1976, no. 59; Enzo Mari, L'Arte del design, p. 175. Danese presented their art editions in a separate catalogue from 1959 on. The multiple ‘Quattro spirali’, which was limited to 50 copies, relates to works in which Enzo Mari explored perceptions of space through three-dimensionally structured objects. Four identical spirals are cut into a plate: the spirals are evenly-threaded and are placed in equal distance from each other. The space behind it, to which the tips of the spiral threads are attached, varies in its dimensions in such a way that the spirals extend in four different ways and that the viewer consequently perceives four different spatial depths. Regarding the proper installation of this object, the Danese catalogue recommends the following: “The center between the four spirals must be at eye level with the observer. Lighting: normal indirect light without hard shadows."