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'Oggetto a composizione autocondotta', (Struttura 495) multiple, 1959/1971

H. 25 x 25 x 5 cm. Made by Danese, Milan, in 1971. PVC, Plexiglas. Marked: Maker's mark, signature, 99.
1971 EDIZIONE DANESE 41-100.

Number 99 from the Danese Edition of 100.

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Danese Milano 1976, no. 59; From Project to Product, p. 104/105. This multiple with the English title ‘Object of self determining composition. On natural arrangement’ is one of Enzo Mari’s most famous editions. Between two panes, which are held by a square wooden frame, there are 18 geometrically shaped elements (triangles, squares, rhombs), which can be re-arranged again and again by moving and careful shaking the object. Only a slim rectangle acts a static obstacle and determines the way the different geometric modules are spread across the space. According to his theoretical explanations, as one of the conceptual starting points for this design Mari thought of the image of natural landscape which appears in front of the viewer’s inner eye. The appearance of this landscape is determined by the principle of gravity as elements such as stones or leaves position themselves according to gravity and thus produce an ideal image. Analogous to this observation, Mari created the 1959 multiple. If the display box is moved or the floor space is changed, gravity creates a new, natural-looking, optimal work of art.