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'Scultura da Viaggio' multiple, 1958

H. 19 x 37 x 26 cm. Silver-plated alpacca. Marked: Munari, 32/40.

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Hammer Price: 4,000 €

140A - Danese
09. October 2018 at 3:00 PM CEST


Bruno Munari, p. 39; From Project to Product, p. 78/79. With his concept of ​​‘portable sculptures’, Bruno Munari not only deliberately broke with the notion of traditional bronze or marble sculptures but also subverted the concept of volume which imparts three-dimensionality to sculptures. Originally, the first 'Sculture da viaggio' consisted of a piece of simple, pre-cut cardboard that could be formed into shape and put up anywhere. With his portable sculptures, Bruno Munari opened up the possibility to personalize a hotel room or any other anonymous place and thus charge it with culture. In 1958, the 'Sculture da viaggio' were exhibited for the first time in the Milan Galleria Montenapoleone. Danese produced 1000 copies. Later, Munari took up his concept again and designed foldable objects made of metal, bronze, wood, silver or, in this case, made of alpaca.