Auction 161E

Showtime! Dancers and Fashion Ladies 1900 - 1930
A Private Collection

24. February 2022 at 6:00 PM CEST

After the success of the topic in June 2021, we are pleased to be able to present additional fantastic figures by KPM Meissen and Goldscheider to an international group of collectors.

Our offer oscillates between the courtly rococo of the 18th century, represented in the table decorations of KPM Meissen, and the pure joie de vivre of the Roaring Twenties and Thirties, represented by the female figures of the Viennese company Friedrich Goldscheider. Both manufactories dominate the offer in the upcoming auction, flanked by rare and charming figures from other manufacturers.

One of the highlights is definitely the fashion ladies by Viennese Eduard Klablena: a lady in a white fur with a plumed hat from 1913/14, with tiny retouches is being offered for EUR 1,500. Michael Powolny's 'Crinoline' from 1907, here in a version by Gmundner Keramik, is one of the classics of Viennese handicrafts. It will be put up for auction for EUR 700. Karl Klaus' designs are rarely found in auctions. His 'Allegorical Art Nouveau Group', 1913/14 together with Franz Staudigl for Ernst Wahliss, Vienna, appears almost oriental in form and decoration. EUR 1,500 are scheduled for this. Marcell Goldscheider's 'Bee Girl', around 1929, on the other hand, is a clear reflection of the 1920s; the young lady in her balloon-shaped skirt is only missing the feelers to make the disguise perfect. It is also estimated at EUR 1500.

One of the oldest figures in the collection is the 'Allegory of Smell', designed by Johann Friedrich Eberlein for KPM Meissen as early as 1748. A lady, covered with decorative cloths, is smelling a flower, as is a small putto on the ground beside her, a dog at her feet is also sniffing. The image is further clarified with a flower vase standing on a pillar together with a bouquet and - particularly charming - a nose unexpectedly growing out of the base. Unfortunately, the exact date of execution of the figure could not be determined, but it can be placed well before 1924. Due to a small flaw on the basket handle, the allegory is already available for EUR 600.

The figure 'Princess' by Gerhard Schliepstein, 1926 for Rosenthal, impresses with its elegantly elongated body and stylization typical of the time. It will be called up for EUR 2,000.

The auction marathon ended on Thursday evening with a collection of ceramic figures from Germany and Austria. Quittenbaum was very pleased about the lively participation of interested parties from Germany and abroad. 74% of the 139 lots found new owners, with prospective buyers increasing the estimates rapidly in some cases. From the collection of Meissen figures, mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries, Emmerich Andresen's ‘Dawn' stands out, which started at a reasonable price of EUR 600 and was sold to a collector in Germany for EUR 3,600 (no. 1150). Stefan Dakon's 'Sisters' from 1929 for the Viennese manufacturer Friedrich Goldscheider started at EUR 600 and was hotly contested. A Swiss collector finally bought the three ladies for EUR 7,000 (no. 1229). The figures of the Austrian Eduard Klablena, made in his own workshop, were also very popular again. The 'Lady lying with book', 1914-16, increased its estimate tenfold from 800 to EUR 8,000 (no. 1249).

A few of the figures can still be purchased in the after sale until March 25.