Auction 161E

Showtime! Dancers and Fashion Ladies 1900 - 1930
A Private Collection

24. February 2022 at 6:00 PM

The auction marathon ended on Thursday evening with a collection of ceramic figures from Germany and Austria. Quittenbaum was very pleased about the lively participation of interested parties from Germany and abroad. 74% of the 139 lots found new owners, with prospective buyers increasing the estimates rapidly in some cases. From the collection of Meissen figures, mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries, Emmerich Andresen's ‘Dawn' stands out, which started at a reasonable price of EUR 600 and was sold to a collector in Germany for EUR 3,600 (no. 1150). Stefan Dakon's 'Sisters' from 1929 for the Viennese manufacturer Friedrich Goldscheider started at EUR 600 and was hotly contested. A Swiss collector finally bought the three ladies for EUR 7,000 (no. 1229). The figures of the Austrian Eduard Klablena, made in his own workshop, were also very popular again. The 'Lady lying with book', 1914-16, increased its estimate tenfold from 800 to EUR 8,000 (no. 1249).

A few of the figures can still be purchased in the after sale until March 25.