Auction 157F

Bead Fever. Beaded Bags and Beadwork from a German Private Collection

02. July 2021 at 3:00 PM MESZ CEST

The auction week ended with a unique collection of beaded bags and beadwork from a German private collection. The 386 objects offered in the auction were very much appreciated by the bidders.

The beaded bag 'Adam and Eve' (lot 1270) climbed steadily from EUR 140 to EUR 1,900, as did the 'bag with Palazzo Ducale' (lot 1299), which started at EUR 120 and ultimately sold for EUR 1,000. But not only the extravagant and partly rare beaded bags and pouches multiplied their calling prices. The beadwork of the collection also enjoyed great popularity. The beaded mouthpiece from the 19th century (lot 1474) was heatedly contested. The hammer fell, starting at EUR 90, eventually at EUR 950.

The highlight of the day, the 'VOGUE shopping bag' (lot 1389) - a rare exclusive design by the Italian fashion company Fendi for the magazine's anniversary in 1999 - was already in great demand before the auction and eventually attracted numerous telephone bidders. Accordingly, it exceeded its estimate of EUR 900 and achieved the highest hammer price of the evening at EUR 7,200.