Auction 132B

Art Nouveau - Art Deco

23. May 2017 at 2:00 PM CEST


Around 800 lots will be called up at Quittenbaum's on Tuesday, 23, and Wednesday, 24 May, not only high-quality glass objects but also sculptures and furniture. A collection of Lorraine glass stands out. Among the collection of 300 lots is a 'Verrerie parlante' by Emile Gallé, c1885-89. It stands 29 cm tall and features a décor of enamel and gold. It is on offer for €10,000 – 14,000. Next to an elaborate depiction of a waterlily and a large beetle, it bears the inscription 'Bonheur au nymphéa bleu'. These beetles were held as a lucky charm already in ancient Egypt. Emile Gallé reinforced this message further, adding the quote 'Je suis messager de bonheur' (I am the bringer of good luck) to his elaborate signature on the bottom. Gallé presented a range of vessels in the shape of fruit at the Paris World Fair 1900. We offer a rare flacon in the shape of a tomato for an estimate of €7,000 – 10,000.

The choice of vases by the Daum brothers contains a cylindric 'Vigne et escargots' vase, designed by Henri Bergé in 1904. It depicts vine in strong colours and two applied snails (estimate €16,000 – 20,000). Not to forget the 'Feuilles d'automne et colléoptères' goblet from the year 1903, with applied beetles, which Quittenbaum offer at €8,000 – 10,000.

In the course of the auction, some peculiar pâte de verre vases will be called up. For example, Gabriel Argy-Rousseau's 'Le Jardin des Hésperides' vase from the year 1926 (estimated at €25,000 – 30,000). The gods' daughters are depicted harvesting the golden apples on purple ground. Another attractive piece is Argy-Rousseau's vase with spider among thorns, estimated at €7,000 – 9,000.

The Bohemian glass selection shines with beautiful pieces by Johann Loetz Wwe. Glassworks, Klostermühle. For example, a 'Phänomen' vase from the year 1901 with six elongated drops (estimate €7,000 – 9,000) and a 'Cytisus' vase with special lustre, 1902 (estimate €5,000 – 7,000). Among the ceramics and porcelain section, a 25-piece dining set by Richard Riemerschmid should be mentioned. It was designed in 1903-05 and executed by KPM Meissen before 1923. It will be called up in several lots for a combined estimate of €13,500 –15,000. Henry van de Velde worked for Meissen as well at that time. After the huge success of two comprehensive dining sets last year, we offer a singular sauceboat in the upcoming auction, for €7,500 – 8,500 and a stoneware vase with running glaze for Reinhold Hanke, 1903 (€6,000 – 7,000).

Ferdinand Preiss' 'Hoop Girl' was already popular at the Leipzig Fair in 1930 (€4,400 – 5,000). The ample offer of bronzes and chryselephantines will be completed with a high-quality offer of ceramic and porcelain figurines. Two 'Summer' putti by Michael Powolny with different décor will be called up at €5,000 – 8,000 and €6,000 – 9,000 respectively. The fashion lady by Annie Offterdinger, 1914 for Wächtersbach is one of the rarest pieces of the auction and is on offer for €5,000 -6,000.

With a gross proceeds of €900,000 the two-day Spring sale 'Art Nouveau – Art Deco' at Quittenbaum's ties in with earlier successes.

The French glass received good results throughout. With Emile Gallé's 'Bonheur au Nymphéa bleu' vase leading the way, it surpassed its estimate of €10,000 – 14,000 by far with a proceeds of €24,600. It passes into a French private collection. Other examples by the Lorraine artist were popular as well. A German collector was willing to pay almost €13,000 for an atmospheric blue 'Vase de Tristesse' with crocus pattern.

Artworks by other glass designers met their estimates as well. The beautiful 'Plumes de Paon' table light by the Daum brothers convinced through its rare peacock pattern and received a little more than €14,000. Gabriel Argy-Rousseau's 'Feuillages modernes et fleurs' vase successfully sold for around €6,700 as well.

Surprisingly, the highlight of day one was not found in the Glass chapter. It was a small magazine / letter rack that ignited a thrilling bidding war between to American clients. Now, one of them can call the decorative small piece of furniture their own for €15,000. The rack, decorated elaborately with several kinds of wood, increased its estimate of €1,200 – 1,400 tenfold.

Day Two came up with exciting bidding wars as well. Peter Behrens' 'Behrens' silverware enticed several private collectors, in the end, two bidders settled the battle between them. With a proceeds of around €19,500 the original reserve of €6,000 was tripled easily.

In the Bronze and Ceramics selections figurative works were the most popular. Most of the results are in the higher four-digit-range. Ferdinand Preiss' 'Hoop Girl' received more than €8,000 and his small Pierrette with pointed hat more than doubled its tax with €5,000. Annie Offterdinger's 'Carmen' of earthenware went into a German private collection for around €6,500 and Ferdinand Liebermann's 'Capriccio' stays in Germany for almost €5,500.

Unsold lots will be available in our post auction sale until June 23, 2017.