Bruno Zach was born in May 1891 in Schytomyr in today's Ukraine. After moving to Vienna, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts there and was trained by the sculptors Hans Bitterlich (1860-1949) and Josef Müllner (1879-1968). Zach worked mainly with bronze and ivory, and erotic elements are characteristic of his sculptures. Worth mentioning here are the sculptures 'Mädchen mit Zigarett' (Girl with a Cigarette) from the 1920s and 'La Cravache' (La Cravache), the depiction of a standing lady in Déshabillé with Reigerte, around 1925. Zach also signed his scluptures, mainly produced by Argento-Werke, Broma and Franz Bergmann, under the alias Tuch. Bruno Zach died in Vienna in 1945 at the age of 53.

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Objects by Bruno Zach