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Franz Hofstötter (ATTR.)
Phänomen vase with handles for E. Bakalowits Sons, 1902

Shape no. 85/4016/II. H. 18 cm. Made by Loetz, Klášterský Mlýn. Cased glass, yellowish opal and colorless. Phänomen Gre 358, black with white threads in the lower area, silver-yellow braided over it, wavy at the lip, warped red, pearlescent matt luster.

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Hammer Price: 6,000 €

168A - Art Nouveau - Art Deco Part I
23. May 2023 at 3:00 PM CEST


Ricke/Ploil, Lötz Böhmisches Glas, vol. 2, Munich 1989, p. 295, no. 85/4016/II (shape).