Lot: 453

Coffee service '13024', c. 1926

Paula Straus Bruckmann & Söhne, Heilbronn

3 pieces. Coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl. H. 5.2-19.4 cm. Made by Bruckmann & Sons, Heilbronn. Silver, carved ivory. Marked: German hallmarks 835 Bruckmann eagle, no. 13024 (embossed).

Please note that due to US and Japanese law this item cannot be sold to any US state or territory or to Japan because it contains materials protected by the Washington conservation agreement such as ivory, rhino horn or rosewood etc.

Hammer Price: 6,000 €

150B - Art Nouveau - Art Deco
26. May 2020 at 3:00 PM


"The factory thus gained (with the addition of Straus) a new force in the forefront, an artist who in her previous work had cultivated the aristocratic individualism of exclusive craftsmanship, but who, free from the narrowness of the gaze and beyond all snobbery, in the possession of the tradition of craftsmanship, the trends of the time and the inspiration from the new, prevailing tendencies that had always been open." Eduard Reinacher in: Decorative Art XXXVII (1929), p. 243. Dekorative Kunst XXXVII (1929), p. 243; Bröhan Museum Berlin, Vol. VI, Metallkunst der Moderne, Berlin 2001, p. 117; Singer / Snopko, FrauenSilber, Karlsruhe 2011, p. 42, p. 52.