Lot: 133

Poul Henningsen
Ceiling light 'Cone' - 'Artichoke', 1957

Poul Henningsen Poulsen, Louis, Kopenhagen

H. 48 cm, Ø 60 cm. Made by Louis Poulsen, Copenhagen. Sheet metal, tubulat metal, chrome plated, partly painted white, metal lamellas, copper-plated or painted cream-white.

Poul Henningsen's ceiling light 'Cone' - 'Artichoke' was originally commissioned by architects Eva and Nils Koppel as lighting for the Langelinie Pavilion in Copenhagen. By extending an earlier ceiling light from 1926/27 to include metal slats surrounding the light source, the Danish designer shows how functionality and aesthetics can be combined in a unified design language. The exceptional feature of the design is that the lamp allows glare-free illumination from all angles, while only a small amount of light is shielded by the slats. The colorfulness of the metal bathes the entire room in a warm ambience.

Hammer Price: 3,600 €

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