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Multiple 'Flexy', 1968

Bruno Munari Danese, Mailand

H. 64 x 90,5 x 10,,5 cm. Made by Danese, Milan. Inox steel wire, black plastic.

In orginal cardboard box with explanation. From the 2. edition of 1000.

Hammer Price: 1,300 €

140A - Danese
09. October 2018 at 3:00 PM


Bruno Munari, p. 46; Danese Milano 1976, no. 59. The first edition of ‘Flexy’ was launched in 1968. It is a completely innovative, ultra-light (about 40 g) and experimental ‘sculpture’, which marks the culmination of Bruno Munari's conceptual quest to design works of art for industrial mass production. The structure, which consists of six steel wires, can be easily deformed and set up in the room. “It has no bottom, no right or left, no front or rear view ...”. In its basic form, it is a tetrahedron with curved lines. ‘Flexy’ is contained in a box that may also serve as its base. Where the threads converge, there are four rubber rings that can be moved along the threads towards the center of the tetrahedron.