Auction 139A

Made in Germany

26. June 2018 at 3:00 PM CEST


Auction ‘Made in germany‘ on the 26th of June 2018 The important Bauhaus works seem to have been of particular interest this time, possibly due to the Bauhaus centenary which will be celebrated next year. However, also the prominent designers of the turn of the century such as Richard Riemerschmid, Peter Behrens and Henry van de Velde proved to be very popular - almost all the furniture by Riemerschmid was sold.

The final price of €28.500 for the armchair ‘8239‘ by Erich Diekmann, produced around 1931 by Cebaso in Ohrdruf near Gotha ,was the highlight of the auction and constitutes an important step in the valuation of the furniture by this designer. The armchair goes to a German museum. Another Bauhaus work which proved to be of great interest was the rare jug by Gerhard Marck from 1923, which reached the final price of 6.500€. When it comes to the post-war times, of great demand were, apart from the unceasingly popular works of Egon Eiermann, the plastic pieces of furniture from the 1960s. A Swiss collector was willing to pay 4.920€ for Günter Beltzig‘s ‘Floris‘ from 1967, whereas the two ‘Joker‘ easy chairs by Eugen Schmidt, produced the year before, go to a collector from London for as much as 4700€.

The auction reflected further trends of the international art scene. The silver necklace by Rudolf Steiner was sold for 4700€ - threefold of the estimate price – to a public collection, whereas the three anthroposophical picture frames enter the Paris art market for the price of 2800€. The works by Rudolf Steiner were recently presented at the fair Design/Miami in Basel, alongside the furniture by the designers affiliated with the Pentagon Group. The ‘Schleudersitz‘ easy chair by Hermann Waldenburg goes for 4.300€ to a prominent New York gallery which is organising an exhibition devoted to this topic.