Auction 160D

Author's Jewelry

09. December 2021 at 6:00 PM

Consignments until
08. October 2021

Consign now: Author's Jewelry

Our passion for author's and artist's jewelry began with a collection of kinetic jewelry by the Dusseldorf goldsmith Friedrich Becker. Twice a year we dedicate an auction to this exciting subject.

People have been decorating themselves for millennia, but it is precisely in the 20th century that jewelry design has become even more important. The goldsmith appears as a craftsman and artist. He is the spiritual author of his works and takes all kinds of conceptual and creative liberties in designing with gold, silver and precious stones, but also with materials untypical for jewelry, such as plastic, rubber and wood. As an interface between fine art and craft, jewelry also invites designers, architects, painters, sculptors and conceptual artists to express themselves in this medium.

Giampaolo Babetto, Friedrich Becker, Pol Bury, Hermann Jünger, Emmy van Leersum, Bruno Martinazzi, E.R. Nele, Arnaldo and Gío Pomodoro, Ebbe Weiss-Weingart, Othmar Zschaler and many more

We look forward to receiving your objects for the upcoming auction on 08 December 2021. We will gladly accept consignments until 08 October 2021.

For a first non-binding appraisal, please contact our expert Nadine Becker.