Auction 165D

Amour Fou
Figurative ceramics and Limoges vases from Rococo to Art Deco. A Private Collection

09. November 2022 at 6:00 PM CEST


We are pleased to present you with a collection of wonderful porcelain and ceramic figures from three centuries. Not all, but many figures and pairs of figures from such different manufacturers as the Royal Meissen Porcelain Manufactory, the Rosenthal company in Selb and the Viennese Friedrich Goldscheider revolve around the theme of love in its various forms such as Eros (sensual love), Philia (friendly love) and agape (unselfish love).

The auction begins with one of the earliest designs on offer - the delightful group 'Venus and Cupid,' was designed for KPM Meissen in the 18th century. Cheeky little Cupid already has his bow and quiver ready to use his arrows to ignite love in all its facets. The group of "Eros", passionate love, includes "Love Spring" by Richard Aigner, 1913 for Rosenthal with a kissing couple, the two women whispering to each other on the beach by Karl Ens from the 1920s and also the 'Cavalier at the Desk' by J.J. Kaendler, designed as early as 1740 and thus the oldest piece in the collection. One would like to know who will receive the love letter he is writing... Of course, one must not forget the beautiful Helena by Michael Powolny, 1907. After all, she and her lover Paris started the Trojan War with their Amour Fou.

"Agape" and "Philia" are not so easy to recognize, they come into their own best in the groups "Mother and Child" from the Fraureuth porcelain factory from the 1920s and the two sisters, in which the older one is the younger one teaches ice skating (Alfred König, 1904). The dancers from the Viennese Goldscheider manufactory, on the other hand, form a fourth group, if you will: They represent the love of life, which expresses itself in exuberant dance. One example is Josef Lorenzl's 'La Jana' dancer with tambourine from 1933, who shows her long legs in a sweeping dance step.

The collection, which comprises 112 objects, is rounded off by further pairs and individual figures in a wide variety of life situations and postures. Finally, a colorful selection of enameled vases and objects from Limoges will also be on offer.

The Art Nouveau/Art Deco auctions ended very satisfactorily on Wednesday.

The auction series concluded for the third time with a special collection of mainly ceramic and porcelain figurines. This time it was the rare KPM Meissen figures in relatively old executions that were particularly sought after. 'The Night' by Emmerich Andresen was knocked down to EUR 3,800 (lot 551) after a call of a favourable EUR 1,700.

The big surprise of the evening, however, was the small but fine collection of vases and bowls from Limoges. Out of 14 objects, only three remained unsold. Especially the vases by Jules Sarlandie were hotly contested and increased to many times their estimated price. The large violet vase with stylised leaves by Sarlandie received the highest hammer price of EUR 4,600, after it had been called at EUR 500 (lot 589).