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Daum Frères, Nancy
Vase 'Dragon et Phénix', 1899

H. 27.5 cm. Overlaid glass, green and pink. Decor with flowers and leaves etched in several steps. Depiction of the sky dance of a dragon and a phoenix in polychrome enamel and heightened with gold. Under the edge of the mouth a ribbon with further phoenix heads, in the lower third all-round chrysanthemum decoration. Lip covered in gold. Signed on the ground and dated: Daum, cross of Lorraine Nancy (gold signature), 27 Juillet 1899 (engraved).

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"Long" (the dragon, male) and "Fenghuang" (a kind of phoenix, female) mean "emperor" and "empress" in Chinese mythology. Together they are considered to be the happiest and strongest of all beings. The dance of the two is interpreted as a sign of devotion and love from soul mates. The iconography and the - very rare - dating of the vase indicate that it must have been a wedding present. Cf. Bardin, Daum, une industrie d'art lorraine, Metz 2004, p. 135.