Lot: 5

'Animaux antiques' goblet, 1895-1900

Burgun, Schverer & Cie., Meisenthal

Verrerie d'Art de Lorraine, Burgun, Schverer & Cie., Meisenthal. 'Animaux antiques' goblet, 1895-1900. H. 10 cm. Cased glass, light amber and clear, green spirally powder inclusions. Etched pattern, enamelled and heightened with gold. Friezes with different kinds of animals after antique ideals: Bull, leopard, capricorn, birds, chimera and hare. Wreaths. Signed: Banner: VERRERIE D'ART DE LORRAINE BS & Co, cross of Lorraine, thistle, déposé (gold).

Hammer Price: 4,500 €

129 - Art Nouveau - Art Deco
15. November 2016 at 3:00 PM


Olland, Verrerie d'Art de Lorraine, Désiré Christian, Dijon 2010, no. 24.