Charlotte Perriand (Paris 1903 - 1999 Paris)

Emancipated woman in a male profession.

For almost a century, Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) shaped modern design with her realistic designs. In Le Corbusier's studio, where she worked in the 1920s, she adapted the modern principles of functionality and simple forms. During her stay in Japan and Indochina in the 1940s, she dealt with the local handicraft traditions, which had a great influence on her work. In 1946 she returned to Paris and worked again with Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Georges Blanchon and Jean Prouvé. In addition to private clients, her furniture was sold through the Paris gallery, Steph Simon (from 1956 to 1974). Perriand also worked for state institutions such as the United Nations in Geneva and large companies such as Air France.

Many of Perriand’s designs serve to organize everyday life. For example her bookshelves, which she originally designed for furnishing student apartments, are famous. IFurthermore, in 1963, Charlotte Perriand designed a small masterpiece: a wall lamp for her bedroom in Méribel. To prevent the light from shining on her husband's bed, she placed a rectangular wing, that is able to be positioned, made of painted metal in front of the light bulb. The inside is white to reflect the light and the other side is decorated and has been designed in various colors.

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Objects by Charlotte Perriand