Trained engraver-chaser, author of many important buildings, 17 of which are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites, editor of numerous magazines and publications on art and architecture. Charles-Edouard Jeanneret has been known worldwide under the name Le Corbusier since the 1920s. Until his death in 1965, he worked as a painter, sculptor, author, architect, designer and theorist. His architectural projects, in particular, demonstrate his desire to find answers to the social and societal challenges of his time. Le Corbusier was not only looking for a new aesthetic, but also strived for functionality and everyday usefulness. Recurring features of his architecture are columns supporting the building instead of massive walls, long windows and a roof garden, whereby the floor plans could be designed flexibly. With his architectural projects, Le Corbusier shaped our general ideas of modern architecture to this day.

His theoretical writings are equally important. Of particular relevance is the architectural manifesto 'Five Points to a New Architecture' (1927), in which Le Corbusier explains his basic design principles. Le Corbusier's theoretical works are particularly appreciated on the art market. Some important writings, such as 'Wohnung für das Existenzminimum' (1930), 'Grundfragen des Städtebaus' (1945), as well as the magazine 'L'Esprit Nouveau' (from 1919), which he founded, have already been auctioned at Quittenbaum Art Auctions.

His lasting merit is also his incredibly well thought-out system of colour combinations, which he developed in 1931 and 1959. The colour system he called 'Polychromie Architecturale' is an autonomous masterpiece in which each of the 63 colours can be combined with another in any way.

Many of his building projects and designs are considered classics of modern architecture and timeless design. A prime example is the famous sofa 'LC 2', which Le Corbusier created in 1928 together with Charlotte Perriand and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret. The collaboration between these three designers was extremely fruitful: couches, chairs and tables, which the designers had created in 1928/29, are in European museums and are popular collector's items. For example, two 'LC 2' comfy chairs and a sofa in yellow were sold for 5,200 EUR in one of our auctions in February 2014.

Objects by Le Corbusier Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris