Marcel Breuer began his education with a scholarship in 1920 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Unsatisfied with the conservative conditions, he broke off his studies after a short time and applied to the Bauhaus, where he began an apprenticeship in the workshop. From the beginning he was one of the most inventive personalities. In 1921 he built his 'African chair', a unique piece that was rediscovered in 2004. From 1922 he developed the ‚wood-slat chair', which is now considered an icon of the Bauhaus. In 1922, Walter Gropius had issued the slogan "Art and Technology - A New Unity". On basis of functional analyzes, the workshops of the Bauhaus developed basic types for various materials which were to be mass-produced. This also included Breuers ‚wood-slat chair‘, which was built and distributed in series by the Bauhaus from 1922 to 1925.

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Objects by Marcel Breuer