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Emile Gallé, Nancy
Vase 'Rose de France', a 1902

Gallé, Emile, Nancy

Studio piece 'Grand Genre'. In the form of a stylized calyx. Shortly ovoid body with a swinging lip rim. H. 18.5 cm. Cased glass, greenish, colorless and jade-colored. Against the background of a stylized tree landscape on the front, plastic rose decor ('Sculpture de verre') with half-open blossoms in different shades of pink, green sepals, pink to purple stems and leaves, the applied decoration reworked many times with the wheel, in the upper area a slightly cloudy sky in Martelé cut. Signed to the right of the flower: Gallé (engraved, Japanese lettering).

Provenance: West German private property since 1963.

Hammer Price: 165,000 €

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28. November 2005 at 11:47 AM


The theme of the rose plays a major role in the life and work of Emile Gallé. In his 'Ecrits pour l'Art', 1908, he dedicated a few lines inspired by Pierre de Ronsard's 'Ode à Cassandre' to the rose, a symbol of beauty and transience (quoted in: Klesse / Mayr, Coll. Funke-Kaiser, p . XLII). Since it was founded in 1877, he was a member of the Société d'Horticulture de Nancy. In 1902, Gallé created the 'Roses de France' cup (Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy) with a dedication to its chairman Jules Léon Simon, author of the book 'Nomenclature de tous les noms de Roses'. Another trophy was shown at the Paris Salon in 1902 (A. Duncan, The Paris Salons, vol. IV, p. 218, probably today in the Kunstgewerbemuseum Cologne, collection Funke-Kaiser, no. 195). Because of the success of these trophies, Gallé created further 'Rose de France' vases and flasks, see H. Hilschenz-Mlynek / H. Ricke, Glass Collection Hentrich, No. 306, with detailed, further reading; further examples: J. Bloch-Dermant, l'Art du Verre en France, p. 104, G. Cappa, l'Europe de l'Art verrier, No. 354.