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Margarete Jahny; Erich Müller; Paul Bittner; Fritz Keuchel; Tilo Poitz
36 'Superfest' glasses, 1978/79

Margarete Jahny,Erich Müller,Paul Bittner,Fritz Keuchel,Tilo Poitz VEB Kombinatbetrieb VEB Sachsenglas, Schwepnitz

H. 10.1-16.2 cm. Made by VEB Kombinatbetrieb Sachsensglas, Schwepnitz. Clear glass, 0.1/0.3/0.5 litres. Marked: Superfest.

The 'Superfest' glasses are based on the 'Wirteglas' design by renowned GDR designers Margarete Jahny and Erich Müller. They are treated in a special way during fabrication so that they can withstand a fall form the table or the like; they are 'superfest'.

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