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Christian Dell
Small 'Rondella' table light, 1927/28

Christian Dell Rondella Beleuchtungskörperfabrik GmbH, Oberursel, 1928-31

H. 40 cm (max.), Ø base plate: 16.2 cm; Ø tube of the stand: 12 mm; D. 'L-pipe': 10.5 mm; shade: 14 x 12.7 cm. Made by Rondella Beleuchtungskörperfabrik GmbH, Oberursel, 1928-31. Tube of the stand and lamp arm: nickel-plated tubular brass; Reflector and cover of the base: sheet brass, copper-plated; Tube end, adjusting screw: metal, nickel-plated or copper-plated. Porcelain rotary switch. Base: metal plate, blackened.

During his time in Frankfurt, Dell was able to make a name for himself primarily with the design of lights. The 'Rondella' series was one of his most famous works. Typical for Dell were lighting designs whose lampshades were parabolic in shape with a cylindrical end and angled at the bottom.

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