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Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky
'Frankfurt kitchen', 1926

Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky Grumbach, Frankfurt (zugeschrieben); für das städtische Hochbauamt Frankfurt

H. 270 x 304 x 190 cm. Made by Grumbach, Frankfurt (attributed) for municipal works service, Frankfurt, 1927. Several kinds of wood, specifically chosen according to purpose (e.g. oak against vermin, beech for the worktop, softwood for the frame), painted blue, sink of cast metal, enamelled white, brass with patina, black linoleum, twelve aluminium containers, two of oak and pinewood and sheet aluminium. Clear glass, brown fabric.

List of furniture: Frankfurt Kitchen from the Ernst-May housing estate. Melibocusstrasse 17, 2nd floor, Niederrad, Frankfurt/Main. Built in 1927. Shelf unit: Highboard and chest of drawers, double sink, corner cupboard. Worktop between corner cupboard and pantry cupboard. 1 Highboard Combination of pan and store cupboard, with fittings. Integrated into the store cupboard 2 x 7 shelves for 12 Aluminium containers and 2 containers of wood, rack coated with linoleum. Inside of the cupboard: 2 x 2 ledgers for pots and lids. Collecting pan of enamelled metal sheet. Wrought-iron grate. Inside of the pantry cupboard: shelf. Shelf with steel spring tp attach the left cupboard door. 2 x 6 Aluminium containers, embossed inscriptions. Oaken container for flour, aluminium sign. Pinewood container for salt, aluminium sign. 2 hanging cabinets for tableware and glass with two shelves, rail of beech, 5 glass sliding doors.

Hammer Price: 18,000 €

133A - Bauhaus - German Design
27. June 2017 at 3:00 PM


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