Lot: 74


Female twin figure. Scarification marks on the abdomen, zig-zag decoration around the pedestal.
Wood, glass-beaded necklace, metal bracelets. Traces of indigo dye on coiffure, residue of red wood on body, old patina from washing.

Severe abrasions on face, bite marks on the crotch and minimal scratches above the right eye.

Hammer Price: 600 €

115B -
03. June 2014 at 12:00 AM MESZ CEST


Supporting literature: Mareidi and Gert Stoll, collaboration Ulrich Klever, Ibeji-Zwillingsfiguren der Yoruba, Munich 1980; Ulrich Klever, Bruckmann's Handbuch der Afrikanischen Kunst, Munich 1975.