Lot: 101

Demokratische Republik Kongo

Rare, old female figure “muzidi” with ample breasts. Sitting, right arm stretched out, left arm bent. The figure, with a body made from natural fibers, is covered with dyed ocher-colored cotton. Dark-colored scarification marks on the stomach, red breasts with dark-blue nipples. Light and dark gray face, dark head-cover.
Teeth white from wood. Painted eyes, black-white, protruding stuffed ears.
Material from willows, plant fibers, wood, eventual bones and other natural materials as stuffing.

Apart from tiniest holes in the fabric (feet, left breast and crotch) very well preserved.

Hammer Price: 3,800 €

115B -
03. June 2014 at 3:45 AM MESZ CEST


Cf. exhib. cat. Alisa LaGamma (publ.), Eternal Ancestors, The Art of the Central African Reliquary, The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, New York 2007, p. 310f.