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Demokratische Republik Kongo

Mask 'pania ngombe', face of bull with large ears and elliptic eyes. Scarification marks on the cheeks. Mouth with teeth. Face is powdered ocher-colored, black and white decorations.
The mask is treated like a human face with the top of the head decorated with white triangles on a black surface.
Edge of mask is perforated with many holes, close to one another, thick beard made of rafia.
Wood, rafia.
Provenance: Kegel und Konietzko, Hamburg 1969.
Old inventory number from Kegel und Konietzko

Some holes on the top of the mask's edge are broken, tip of the right ear is broken.

Hammer Price: 1,100 €

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03. June 2014 at 12:25 AM MESZ CEST


Supporting literature: Joseph Cornet, A Survey in Zairian Art - The Bronson Collection, Raleigh 1978, p. 140, pl. 75.