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'ETR 300 Settebello' armchair, c. 1952

Gio Ponti,Giulio Minoletti Breda, Pistoia

H. 103 x 68 x 78 cm. Made by Breda, Pistoia. Tubular metal, painted gold, blue textile cover.

Armchair from the 1st class compartment of the 'ETR 300 Settebello' express train that entered service in 1952. The exclusive and luxurious interior was designed by Gio Ponti and Giulio Minoletti. From 1953, the 'ETR 3000 Settebello', an exclusive 1st class train, ran between Milan and Rome. 'Settobello' means 'beautiful seven' and stands for the seven luxuriously furnished carriages of the train with panoramic windows, a bar and a restaurant, combining the latest technology and excellent design. The concept of the furniture, consisting of adjustable chairs, armchairs and sofas, was the result of a collaboration between the two Italian architects and designers Giulio Minoletti and Gio Ponti. The blue velvet and the gold of the chair legs reflect the exclusivity and luxury of the interior. The 1950s, when the furnishing of the Settebello was created, was a decidedly creative and successful decade for Gio Ponti. In 1957, Ponti designed the 'Superleggera' chair, which is still among the most popular design classics today. From 1958, together with Pier Luigi Nervi, he worked as an architect on the Pirelli skyscraper that featured an innovative floor plan.

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