Lot: 290

Phänomen vase, 1901

For E. Bakalowits. H. 12.2 cm. Made by Loetz, Klášterský Mlýn. Cased glass, opalescent and clear, wavy combed dark purple (black) decor with silver threads in the lower part, red with silver threads in the upper part, combed, combed silver threads in the middle area, Phänomen Gre 358, heavily pearlescent matt lustre.

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Hammer Price: 4,400 €

150B - Art Nouveau - Art Deco
26. May 2020 at 3:00 PM CEST


Ricke / Ploil, Lötz Böhmisches Glas, Vol. 2, Munich 1989, p. 287, No. 85/3874 (shape); cf. Mergl / Ploil / Ricke, Lötz Böhmisches Glas, Ostfildern 2003, p. 164 (related design in the same decor, ascribed to the school of Koloman Moser there).