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'Narcisse' Marqueterie vase, 1898-1900
'Narcisse' Marqueterie vase, 1898-1900

Gallé, Emile, Nancy

Emile Gallé, Nancy. 'Narcisse' Marqueterie vase, 1898-1900. H. 20.4 cm. Cased glass, mould-blown, amber, milky opalescent, purple and clear. Marqueterie-de-verre décor in faint colours, large narcissus, white and yellow, the ornamental leaves green, blue and yellow, worked with the wheel. Signed: Gallé.

Hairline between layers occurred during manufacture. Provenance: former collection of Gertrud and Dr. Karl Funke-Kaiser, Kunstgewerbemuseum Cologne.

Hammer Price: 16,000 €

123 - Art Nouveau - Art Deco
17. November 2015 at 11:55 AM MESZ CEST


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