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A. Seguso
'A fantasia corallo ametista' vase, 1952

Archimede Seguso Seguso, Archimede, Murano

Model for the 26th Biennale, Venice 1952. H. 25.5 cm. Made by Archimede Seguso. Cased glass, colorless, fused ribbons in purple and red glass in 'Merletto' technique spun round with white spiral threads. Signed on the bottom: Archimede Seguso 1952 Biennale di Venezia XXVI - 1952 (engraved).

Hammer Price: 30,000 €

146D - Murano Glass
26. September 2019 at 3:00 PM MESZ CEST


Cf. Umberto Franzoi, Archimede Seguso, Venice 1991, p. 41 and 84.