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'All' (Guggenheim Book), 2011

Maurizio Cattelan

Maurizio Cattelan. 'All' (Guggenheim Book), 2011. Signed book for the exhibition "All' at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, 4.11.2011-22.1.2012, published by Nancy Spector. Frontispiece signed: Cattelan (black sharpie), stamp of Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum N.Y. On 9 January 2012 Maurizio Cattelan, starting at 6pm., signed every copy of his retrospect monograph "All" at Guggenheim Museum New York that had been evidently bought at the Guggenheim Store.

Hammer Price: 400 €

130B - Modern Art
07. December 2016 at 5:00 PM


Provenance: European private collection.