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'Clam' chair, 1944
'Clam' chair, 1944

Philip Arctander Vik & Blindheim, Sykkylven, Norwegen

Philip Arctander. 'Clam' chair, 1944. H. 81 x 65 x 85 cm. Made by Vik & Blindheim, Sykkylven, Norway. Birch, original, floral, textile fabric. Marked: makers badge.

In the past, the chair had been consistently attributed to Viggo Boesen or Martin Olsen. It is well established by now that Philip Arctander designed the chair in 1944. This piece is in the original condition and has never been altered. According to a worker from the factory in Sykkylven it was very difficult to produce the chair due to the bent armrests; only one worker in the factory was able to do it properly (Source: Arvid Hammernes, worker at the factory in Sykkylven in the 1950s and 60s, www.aftenposten.no).

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