Auction 165C

Art Nouveau - Art Deco Part II
Sculptures - Furniture - Ceramics - Metal

09. November 2022 at 3:00 PM CEST


Figures dominate the offer on November 9. Made of bronze, with ivory, made of porcelain or ceramics. Art Nouveau children's figurines and animals are juxtaposed with exuberant dancers from the 1920s. A putto is arguing with a penguin over a piece of bread, beautifully captured by Ferdinand Liebermann, 1910 for Rosenthal. The "Four Seasons" by Gerhard Schliepstein, 1928, are represented in full, in the form of elegant, slightly mannered female figures. In 1910, the Viennese Bertold Löffler designed a 'bird jar' for Wiener Keramik, which appears very strictly sculptural and at the same time cheerful.

However, the main focus is once again on the chryselephantine figures, in particular those of Demètre H. Chiparus, who lived in Paris. In addition to his intimately whispering pair of women 'Confidences', around 1925, we are particularly pleased to offer you the rare figure 'Les Amis de toujours' in three sizes: the costume clearly identifies the lady as a dancer with the Ballets Russes, having just returned from her performance and now being greeted by her two four-legged friends, two greyhounds. A beautiful, tranquil, almost domestic, scene in contrast to the wild life of ballet and theater.

The preview of the auctions starts on November 3, 2022

The Art Nouveau/Art Deco auctions ended very satisfactorily on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Demètre H. Chiparus was successful once again with the largest version of his three 'Les Amis de toujours’ figurines. The young lady greeted by her two four-legged friends met with lively interest. A German collector secured the Chryselepantin figure for EUR 60,000 (lot 290). Ferdinand Preiss 'Youth' will also go into the same collection, for a hammer price of EUR 10,000 (lot 322).

Louis Majorelle's designs formed a highlight in the furniture selection. His light and space-saving game table was bid up from EUR 2,200 to EUR 5,000 (lot 456).