Lot: 281

Demètre H. Chiparus
'Dancer of Kapurthala', c. 1925

Demètre H. Chiparus L.N.J.L. Les Neveux de Jules Lehmann, Paris

H. 53.5 cm (all). Bronze, cold-painted dark red, head, décolleté, visible breastbone and hands made of carved ivory, partly painted in silver and gold. Plinth signed: DH Chiparus (incised and blackened). Brown onyx base.

Acquired by the consignor at Ader Picard Tajan, Monte Carlo in the auction 1880-1930 on 15./16. April 1978. With photo expertise by Félix Marcilhac, June 12, 1979.

Hammer Price: 24,000 €

162C - Art Nouveau - Art Deco
11. May 2022 at 3:00 PM MESZ CEST


Shayo, Chiparus, New York 1999, No. 63; Shayo, Statuettes of the Art Deco period, Woodbridge 2016, p. 262 (Original catalog of Les Neveux de Jules Lehmann).

An EC certificate has been issued for this lot by the Department for Climate and Environmental Protection of the City of Munich, which allows objects with ivory to be marketed within the European Union.