Auction 147A

Lalique only

12. November 2019 at 3:00 PM CEST


The semi-annual special auction 'Lalique only’ on 12 November, will be dedicated to very rare and early designs by René Lalique that rarely find their way onto the market.

The title lot, the Veilleuse 'Veronique' from 1913, belongs to this early period and is estimated at 12,000 to 16,000 EUR. The delicate branches of the summer lilac are entwined on the tiara-like glass top.

A frieze of frog heads and dancing sirens adorn the rare carafe 'Sirènes et Grenouilles' from 1911 (€ 3,000 - 4,000). While the depictions of dancing female figures, such as naiads and bacchantes, reflect the interest in mythological themes of that time and can be found in many designs, the motif of a frog is highly unusual. Therefore, 'Sirènes et Grenouilles’ is definitely one of a kind.

The magical lidded boxes in opalescent glass are also among the rare pieces of the offer. These include the powder case 'Chevalier' for d'Orsay from 1920 (€ 1,200 - 1,600), as well as the lidded box 'Deux sirènes' (€ 1,400 - 2,000), which was created a year later, with an almost identical decor.

In addition to popular and well-known vase designs, such as the decors 'Bacchantes', 'Perruches' and 'Ceylan', lamps are also a part of the auction. Particularly noteworthy is the ceiling lamp 'Feuilles de Charme' (€ 4,000 - 6,000), an elegant piece of lighting design with a construction of two hemispheres and a leaf decoration.

All objects of the special auction 'Lalique only' will be exhibited as part of our preview from the 7th of November until the start of the auction.

The very lively interest in the 'Lalique Only' and 'Art Nouveau - Art Deco' sales on November 13 and 14 lead to one of the best results since the auction house's foundation in 1998.

Two-thirds of the Lalique glass was sold on the auction day. German collectors and international trade fought strongly in numerous bidding wars, which led to good price increases. The ceiling light 'Feuille de Charme' was called at € 4,000 and went to a New York gallery for just under € 9,000. The blue patinated vase 'Ronces' more than doubled its lower tax and goes to a Swiss collector for circa € 2,300. The highest bid for Lalique was a very early work, a 'Brûle parfum' from 1913, which secured a French collector for just under € 16,000.

In the first part of our large Art Nouveau auction we could register a special interest for early works of Daum Frères and Emile Gallé. Numerous biddings were placed for vases by Charles Schneider, in addition, almost all the glasses of the Bohemian manufactory Lötz were knocked down.The highest proceeds were for Emile Gallé's email-painted vase, Plumes de Paôn '(€ 18,750), for a Lötz' Argus' vase (€ 15,000) and the 'Intercallaire' vase by Daum (€ 7,500).

On the second day, the sculptures were the prelude, and here, as expected, the highest result made a dancer in bronze and ivory by Demètre H. Chiparus. The 'Bayadère' goes to a Latin American collector for € 55,000. Ten more Chryselephantine sculptures could be sold in the five-digit range, mainly to collectors from Germany.

Over the decades, a private collector from Munich has assembled illustrations and paintings of Art Nouveau with great expertise. Part of his collection has now been offered in the auction. Here two landscapes by Georges de Feure in particular achieved € 10,000 and € 6,000 respectively, as well as three portraits of Loie Fuller and Sarah Bernhardt by Lewis Welden Hawkins, which more than doubled their lower taxes with € 20,000 each.

Furniture of Art Nouveau was also in great demand. Two German collectors fought over a small cabinet by Louis Majorelle, which was called at € 6,500 and finally scored € 14,500. At Art Déco, the increases were particularly high: An armchair by Eugène Printz was called at € 6000 and went to a Paris gallery for just under € 18,000. Likewise, Paris prevails against a New York collector in three Art Deco armchairs, which, called at € 6,000, redeemed € 26,400.

All mentioned prices are inclusive of premium / VAT.