Auction 138A

Lalique Only

15. May 2018 at 3:00 PM CEST


René Lalique's creativity in designing delicate jewellery was one of a kind, his glass objects, which the designer and entrepreneur started to dedicate himself to from the 1920s onward, were breathtaking as well. Among the singularities of the special auction, which we plan to include into our auction calendar in the future once a year, is the 'Quatre Soleils' perfume flacon of opalescent glass (designed in 1912), whose four flower ornaments seem to have a golden base. A round, gold-mounted pendant, 'Danseuses et fleurs', c. 1919 (€3,000 – 4,000), is finely engraved. 'Marisa' is one of the highlights among the vases (designed in 1927).

Coloured glass and early décors were in the centre of attention.

The special auction ‚Lalique Only‘ on 15th May 2018 offering 91 lots was able to attract numerous collectors. The popular décors by Lalique received solid prices, for example his ‚Bacchantes‘ vase that met expectations with EUR 3,237. As did the ‚Quatre Soleils‘ flacon with gold foil, with EUR 3,885.

The ‚Poissons‘ vase was highly popular, several bidders fought over it. It found a new owner for EUR 6,734. As expected, the ‚Archers‘ vase, in sublime dark red, was the highlight of the auction. A bidder was willing to pay EUR 15,540 for it, the highest lot of the auction.

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