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Tall table light by Bräunlich & Langlotz, Berlin, c1901

Hermann Eichberg Lötz Wwe., Klostermühle; Bräunlich & Langlotz, Berlin

H. 51.4 cm. Designed by Hermann Eichberg. Shade of light green glass, combed pattern with orange fusions, matt mother of pearl lustre. Foot of bronze with dark patina. Signed: Eichberg, B.L.

Shade slightly chipped at the rim.

Hammer Price: 2,500 €

135 - Art Nouveau - Art Deco
21. November 2017 at 1:38 AM


Hermann Eichberg was a member of the 'Ornament' society, another of his table lights was presented at the Berliner Kunstausstellung 190. Bräunlich & Langlotz are mentioned in vol. II by Ricke/Ploil as patrons of Johann Lötz Wwe. for vases, of which they provided the mounting.