Frank Schreiner - better known under the pseudonym 'Stiletto' had his big breakthrough in the 1980s as one of the leading players of the 'New German Design'.

In the name of his Berlin-influenced art brand 'Stiletto Studios' the design-critical ready-made artist has worked on his own designs. Previously, with the beginning of his studies in visual communication from 1982, he was a co-organizer and participant in several neoist festivals and involved in the environment of post-punk culture. Stiletto is a versatile artist and designer, his work ranges from experimental film to mail art, from stereoscopic photography to holographic installations.

His design is dedicated to the use of the familiar, modified according to his ideas. The starting point is often objects that, at first glance, do not seem to be related to the classical idea of product design. Thus, supermarkets, junkyards or hardware stores sometimes serve him as a source of inspiration and material. One of his most famous works to date is the chair 'Consumer's Rest'. This is a commercial supermarket shopping cart that became a design icon through minimal interventions such as cutting and bending. Certainly a visual association can be made here with the wire chairs of Charles Eames and Harry Bertoia. Conceptually, the chair design is close to the idea of 'Ready Mades'. Consumer's Rest' is a particularly striking illustration of the artist's values and messages: the design parodies the commercialization of design and criticizes the consumerism of the economic miracle.

In 1991, Stiletto founded the 'Design Hospital' under the slogan 'No Problem - No Solution. No Solution - No Problem!’. The 'Design Hospital' is dedicated to "relentless research for a suitable remedy against good design". Since then he has been running a lighting trade called 'DESIGN VERTReiB', where he offers his own designs and redesigns of already existing products.

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Objects by Frank Schreiner - Stiletto