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Reni Shulman-Trüdinger Werkgenossenschaft Wohnhilfe, Zürich

Reni Shulman-Trüdinger. 'Typ II' bookshelf, designed in 1956. H. 77 x 200.5 x 30.5 cm. Made by Wohnhilfe, Zurich. Chipboard with beech veneer, sheet steel, painted black, sliding doors of aluminium sheet.

Reni Shulman-Trüdinger was the wife of famous photographer Julius Shulman. She lived and worked in the USA. She collaborated with Charlotte Perriand. Her modular bookshelf is a counterdraft to the immovable shelves by Ch. Perriand. Received the 'Die gute Form' award in 1957.

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