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'Portrait Rosa Schapire', 1920

Walter Gramatté

Walter Gramatté. 'Portrait Rosa Schapire', 1920. Watercolour and mixed media on irregularly cut chamoix drawing paper. 45.3 x 36.0 cm. Signed: Walter Gramatté, (19)20 (watercolour).

Provenance: collection Dr. Rosa Schapire; estate of Dr. Elsa Hopf. The portrait was thought to be lost until now.

Hammer Price: 22,000 €

124B - Modern Art
09. December 2015 at 9:05 PM


Not in Eckhardt, vol. 1 Cf. Eckhardt, vol. 1 B.72 (portrait Rosa Schapire, 1920, oil/canvas).