Lot: 837

Tall vase, 1930s

Axel Salto Kopenhagen, KPM

H. 44.5 cm. Made by Royal Copenhagen. Stoneware, glazed dark red. Marked: Waves, ROYAL COPENHAGEN DENMARK (faint).

One 'horn' restored. There is a sketch of a similar vase by A. Salto, depicted in 'Den spirenden Stil' (The Sprouting Style), from the year 1949, p. 89. It was not possible, though, to clarify the question whether there is a correspondency between the two vases. We would like to thank Susanne Bruhn and Allan Andersen of the Clay Museum in Middlefart, Denmark for their invaluable help in the matter.

Hammer Price: 36,000 €

134D - Jensen Collection
12. October 2017 at 5:00 PM MESZ CEST