Lot: 97

Daum Frères, Nancy
Liquor service 'Crépuscule neige' or 'Paysage hiver', um 1902

Nine pieces. Liqueur flask, vase, six cups of different sizes and tray. Bottle: H. 18.6 cm; vase, H. 7 cm; Mug: H. 5-5.5 cm; Tray, Ø 33.5 cm. Cased glass, colorless, with yellow and orange powder inclusions. Etched decoration heightened with black solder and enameled in white, motif with a wintry forest landscape. Signed: DAUM NANCY, Cross of Lorraine (black solder, tray engraved). Stopper: 14 (engraved).

Hammer Price: 5,500 €

165B - Art Nouveau - Art Deco
08. November 2022 at 4:00 PM CEST