Lot: 448

'Violinist', c. 1925

Paul Philippe Rosenthal & Maeder, Berlin

H. 29.5 cm, 24.5 x 12.8 cm (with base). Bronze, cold-painted, head, neck, arms, violin, bow and feet made of carved ivory, partially painted. Base signed: Philippe, foundry stamp RuM (Rosenthal & Maeder, Berlin).

This lot contains  materials protected by the Washington conservation agreement such as ivory, rhino horn, rosewood etc. Many countries have changed their import / export laws regarding these materials in recent years. Thus, Quittenbaum needs to ask any potential Buyer to check with their own government regarding any importation requirements prior to placing a bid. 

Hammer Price: 13,000 €

153C - Art Nouveau - Art Deco
18. November 2020 at 3:00 PM MESZ CEST